Innovation Unit

Venture Building

Our actions at BITO CAMPUS are characterized by speed, courage and our consistent focus on implementation. We not only want to develop new business ideas, but also implement and market them as quickly as possible. We don't get lost in small-scale improvements, but aim to build up new business areas, business models and products as lean as possible.


BITO CAMPUS was founded with the mission of playing a part in shaping the future. The pharmaceutical industry was identified as a major future market and innovation driver. In addition, BITO Storage Systems, as a renowned warehouse and logistics provider, also puts a major focus on pharmaceutical logistics. Due to the diverse and consistently high requirements, this increasingly growing field is already considered to be the supreme discipline of the warehouse and logistics industry. We have made it our task to develop innovative products and business models in cooperation with and for this industry in a forward-looking and energetic manner.

Business Models

At BITO CAMPUS, we are dedicated to developing new business models and putting them into practice. A business model describes the basic logic of how an organization creates value to ensure the sustainability of the company in the future. This can be closely related to BITO Storage Systems as well as opening up completely new business areas. We are driven by the question of what the world will look like in ten or twenty years and how we can actively help to shape this future. The focus remains on our current and future customers and how we can solve their problems in order to create added value together.

A first example is our platform, which helps young e-commerce companies to grow quickly.


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