There are many management consultancies on the market and even more well-developed concepts. Nevertheless, many projects initiated by consultancies fail when it comes to implementation. After some time in daily business at the latest, the good intentions quickly disappear, and plans developed on the drawing board turn out to be incomplete or too rigid in real-life practice. We at BITO CAMPUS have been working on identifying innovations, driving them forward and developing them into marketable products and business models for more than five years. We know from our own experience where stumbling blocks lie in innovation management and in the cooperation between startups and established medium-sized companies. Use our experience and benefit from the best-practice approaches that we have tested.

If you are already interested in a specific startup and would like to support it, we can offer you the opportunity to take care of the project together with you at BITO CAMPUS. Your advantage: The startups can work in a creative environment and are professionally supported so that they can concentrate on their core work.

Do you already have initial thoughts about a future project that you would like to share with us? We look forward to hearing from you and talking about a possible collaboration. Contact us and together we will find out how we can support you.


Sabine Bittmann


Customer-centric innovation

BITO SANDBOX is the title of our internal innovation and incubation program. It offers financing, coaching, lean processes, a network of experts and management attention. Participating teams are given the opportunity to test their ideas and commit to long-term support. The program was tested by us and was also convincing in the long-term study. The program can be applied in other companies as well.

Phase 1

Objectives: Problem-Solution-Fit & validation of the market potential of the business idea.

Duration & procedure: 3 months, weekly coaching calls with individual teams plus 3 face2face meet-ups with all teams.

Effort: 20% of the weekly working time plus meet-ups


  • Problem Validation: Does the identified problem actually exist?
  • Solution Validation: Does the solution have the potential to mature into a sustainable business?

Phase 2

Objectives: product market fit; Creation of a first prototype & development of a business model.

Duration & process: 6 months, structure similar to phase 1

Effort: Team Lead 80 - 100% / all other team members approx. 50% of the working time plus meet-ups


  • Prototyping and testing with real customers/users
  • Validation of additional business model details
  • Unit Economics & Business Case
    Go2Market strategy & long-term setup

Implementation & Scaling

Implementation of the business idea and possible organizational forms

Addition of a product family/roadmap

New "product area"

Independent department or possibly a spin-off

Added values of the BITO Sandbox:

  • Identifying, validating and scaling promising innovation projects
  • a quick way to test and scale the ideas
  • Guided use of employee’s know-how
  • Result orientation through structured and method-based approach

To future-proof your business, you need to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Rather than waiting for your business to be disrupted from outside, we want your team to develop the future business model from within.


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