Business models


Business models

Examples of the business models

At BITO CAMPUS, we are dedicated to the task of developing new business models and putting them into practice. Business models describe the basic principles, strategies and structures according to which companies create value in order to ensure the sustainability of the company in the future. This can be closely related to BITO-Lagertechnik as well as open up completely new business areas. In doing so, we are driven by the question of what the world will look like in a few years and how we can actively help shape this future. The focus remains on our current and future customers and how we can solve their problems in order to create added value together.



A first example is our platform, which helps young e-commerce companies to grow quickly.

LagerGuru has developed a rental model for companies as an alternative to investing in professional storage technology, which is specifically tailored to their needs.


Pharmaceutical logistics is an area of intralogistics that is becoming increasingly important. The core portfolio of BITO storage technology includes many solutions from the container and sh

After a successfully completed test phase, these items, such as laboratory and practice equipment or classic first aid items, have now been integrated into the BITO webshop and are available online here alongside the proven BITO solutions for pharmaceutical storage and logistics.

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