Our portfolio contains very different startups and products, but all startups are identical in two aspects: We only add innovative ideas and great, highly motivated founders in our portfolio. Despite a clear strategic focus on the logistics industry, we are e.g. shareholder of the games startup Headis or the VR specialist flyingshapes, although they are not connected with logistics. Our 13 participations make us one thing above all: desire for more! That is why we are constantly looking for new, innovative start-ups who want to tackle and implement their visions for the future together with us. Our VC investments mostly focus on the pre-seed and seed stage. A brief overview of the current holdings you will find here: 

Industry List

Industry List is a web-based B2B manufacturer search platform. Through an extensive network that focuses on the German-speaking industry, Industry List has one goal: to offer buyers and developers in the industry a fast, comprehensive and efficient manufacturer search.


Efficiency gains in storage and retrieval as well as picking of goods through 70% automation in shelving systems - that is the goal of the start-up Neointralogistics. With a lot of expert knowledge about logistics processes, robotics and AI, the founding team occupies an interesting market. Products from BITO are also used in the process.


flyingshapes develops software for spatial design in VR and has industrial and automotive designers as its target group. Their software maps the designer's workflow completely digitally in VR, from the first sketch to the finished CAD design object. They greatly accelerate the design process and increase the efficiency.


The Darmstadt-based medical technology startup TEC4MED LifeScience GmbH, founded in 2017, develops intelligent cooling boxes such as the Nelumbox and smart tracking solutions for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and samples.


The American-Korean start-up is developing a VR showroom with which potential customers can virtually test and view all functions, e.g. of construction machinery, in real time together with the manufacturer. For this purpose, the object is reproduced in detail as a 3D object, and a physics engine ensures that all functions are displayed realistically.


[Reccobox] is a retail marketing solution that enables manufacturers and retailers to communicate individual marketing content directly to the customer. The data used interprets buyer interactions and also curates both relevant stock levels and other media sources. Using AI technology, [Reccobox] interacts with the customer in the store, trying to both entertain and influence them. The marketing content and subsequent interactions generated by [reccobox] in turn provide highly relevant information and a sense of how the customer's purchasing decisions are being influenced.


The start-up from Austria focuses on the "Internet of Things" in "Industry 4.0": The founders are developing an IoT system for digital inventory monitoring, with which well-known companies can already see the exact physically available quantity, condition and storage or monitor the transport location of your goods - remotely, independent of checkpoints or manual processes. Also in development: A fully integrated smart container system that goes far beyond the functionalities of Auto-ID and provides the intelligence on the container.

A+ Composites

A+ Composites is a young technology company based in Weselberg. The innovative team of engineers and inventors has specialized in producing a fiber-reinforced plastic that has special properties: It is light and flexible, but at the same time stronger than steel. This makes it interesting for a number of products:
Thanks to the material, transport boxes, for example, are significantly more resilient and can carry many times their own weight. But the new material is also interesting for prostheses or for the automotive industry, for example for components that are exposed to high pressure and high temperatures.


As part of his sports studies, René Wegner developed the sport of headball table tennis from 2007 and at the same time created a complex event and marketing concept for it. He gave this event and marketing concept the name "HEADIS", whose logo and name are also protected by trademark and trademark law. In the summer of 2016, the eleventh Headis World Championship took place with participants from twelve nations. BITO is currently the main sponsor. In addition, Headis has developed other games and solutions that are distributed together with well-known partners.


Pulpo has developed a warehouse management system that aims to eliminate manual, paper-based activities through user-friendly solutions. The process automations that can be implemented through the use of Pulpo WMS can double the performance of warehouses. The biggest competitive advantage Pulpo can provide is the comparatively short implementation time.


The Berlin-based start-up reBOX has made it its mission to fight the flood of packaging waste generated by e-commerce. This is to be achieved through the introduction of reusable shipping solutions. ReBOX offers interested companies both reusable shipping boxes and the appropriate management software and thus supports retailers in switching from cardboard boxes to reusable shipping boxes. ReBOX is the first full-service provider in this field. The partnership with BITO Storage Systems, who is the manufacturer of the reusable shipping boxes, is a great advantage for both sides.

WAKU Robotics

WAKU Robotics facilitates access to mobile autonomous robots through a unique combination of digital solutions for the selection, planning and procurement of the optimal robot solution. Among other things, the startup offers LotsOfBots, the most comprehensive robot comparison platform, and detailed advice on the integration of mobile robots with WAKU Plan. In addition, customers can also buy, sell, rent and test robotic solutions. Furthermore, WAKU has developed the software tool WAKU Sense, which offers a warehouse control system that combines the orchestration of different fleets in one solution.

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