Creating synergies is deeply rooted in our DNA. The startups bring in innovative ideas and products, we support them as a corporate venture capitalist with financial investments and the established market position of BITO Storage Systems. This means that both sides benefit and can use advantages compared to their direct competition.


Every time we meet new founders and startups who present their ideas and technologies to us, we are happily excited. At the same time, we are aware that even startups with the most innovative approaches have to overcome many challenges on their way to becoming a successful company. We want to support you on this journey. In addition to a financial invest in the start-up, we offer support for various issues from our BITO CAMPUS team. In addition, we can build on the power and expertise of BITO Storage Systems as a successful medium-sized company in the logistics industry. We are therefore not only a venture capital investor, but often even a strategic partner for logistics startups. From network to sales to creation and testing of logistics products in our workshop or warehouse, many possibilities for cooperation are thinkable. Let's bring your idea to the market together!


Each of our startups is unique and therefore has different strengths and needs. Our support options also vary depending on the product, its market maturity and the startup’s target group. The cooperation with the start-up Tec4Med shows impressively what our combined efforts can result in:

Tec4med was not only financially supported by BITO CAMPUS through various financing rounds, but also in terms of content by focusing on the logistics industry. Tec4Med itself was also able to provide important impetus and support for BITO CAMPUS projects. The hoped-for synergy effects were thus realized in an exemplary manner. This ultimately led to joint products such as the digital high-performance transport box for shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The successful cooperation with Tec4Med should not remain an exception. The next collaborations, which will result in joint products, are already underway.

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