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The pharmaceutical industry is particularly future-oriented. As innovation driver, it offers enormous growth potential. At the same time, this area involves a great deal of social responsibility: Of course, reliable compliance with the highest quality standards is a must. This is where BITO CAMPUS comes in with new warehousing and logistics projects. Innovative products and business models are the long-term goal.

The pharmaceutical sector is an important division for BITO-Lagertechnik. Highly functional and modern solutions for pharma logistics have been an integral part of the product portfolio for several years. High-quality, high-performance packaging, such as the BITO PharmaBOX, enables temperature-controlled and monitored transport of sensitive goods. The BITO PharmaBOX is perfect for pharmaceutical logisticians, pharmacies, but also laboratories and medical practices. It’s the solution for transporting, for example, vaccines, medications or samples, safely over a longer period of time.

Cooperation with TEC4MED

From first prototypes to a market-ready product: The BITO PharmaBOX was developed in cooperation with the startup Tec4med. As high-performance packaging, the PharmaBOX guarantees passive cooling of temperature-sensitive goods for up to 80 hours at different temperature ranges.

The extensions developed by Tec4med in form of TempBeacon, CryoBeacon and SmartHub offer reliable real-time monitoring for GDP-compliant transport: The beacons continuously record the temperature and humidity in the container. The SmartHub is an intelligent solution for real-time monitoring. As a gateway, it reads the data collected from the beacons and sends the information to the cloud. The SmartHub also tracks temperature and humidity itself, as well as other parameters. This way it tracks geo-position as well as vibrations of the BITO PharmaBOX. As soon as a parameter exceeds a critical point, a notification is sent by e-mail. If the SmartHub is integrated into the lid of the BITO MB multi-purpose container, it also serves as a digital seal. It enables advanced protection through access tracking via cloud. This way, even very valuable and sensitive goods can be transported safely.


At BITO CAMPUS we are always looking for innovative ideas. The report on Frank Heckenbach in SWR in March 2021 was a real lucky find

Frank Heckenbach has developed a product for a friend at the DRK (German Red Cross). The 3D-printed structure can be used to safely transport filled vaccine syringes. Since we were immediately fascinated by the product and because it is a suitable accessory for the BITO cooling container (thermal insulation set and PharmaBox), we contacted Frank Heckenbach at once. He was immediately enthusiastic about a cooperation and so we optimized a few points regarding material, production time and handling in order to prepare series production. In very close cooperation with him and BITO-Lagertechnik, we were able to further develop the product and produce a pre-series in a short time.

Pharma shop

BITO Pharma Shop is one of the projects of BITO CAMPUS, which were realized in cooperation with BITO-Lagertechnik. This new sales platform ( offers a wide range of products for medical practices, laboratories and pharmaceutical logistics companies. In addition, the product selection is also tailored to the daily needs of pharmacies and hospitals. Now a wide range of products can be conveniently ordered online in one shop. The main focus is on high quality standards. BITO Pharma Shop provides proven solutions for warehousing and logistics by offering BITO core products. Additionally, high-quality furnishing for practices and laboratories is available. The variety of products also covers important items for daily work in lab and medical practice. The areas of hygiene and disinfection as well as cleaning and care are also available in the shop. The diverse range is completed by first aid equipment. BITO Pharma Shop is therefore an important step in opening up the future field of pharma logistics.

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