Launching your start-up


The BITO CAMPUS wants to offer business founders more than just a space for work. We consider ourselves as a partner that provides hands-on support for your questions and problems. For this reason, we also offer to invest and/or make a 6-figure contribution to your project, if you convince us of your idea.

Accelerator Proceed

Our accelerator programme "PROCEEED - Startup Meets Mittelstand" is a reverse accelerator in two respects.

On the one hand, start-ups gain access to markets through networking with SMEs of our region and benefit from using existing sales structures and networks.

On the other hand, established companies present themselves to the start-up founders - instead of the other way around, as is usually the case. By doing so, companies can concretise tasks and remain relevant in future.

As part of this programme, both sides work on a joint project, such as a product or the solution to a specific problem in the company.

In that way, the company partner can become a customer, partner or investor of the start-up.

In each cycle, 5 to 8 start-ups will work with companies in a coordinated manner for several months. During this time, the BITO CAMPUS offers various workshops for both sides and presents outstanding speakers on a regular basis. Moreover, contact to other founding locations will be coordinated with the aim of facilitating access for everyone to workshop offers at various locations, both regionally and nationally. In addition, the BITO CAMPUS organises regular exchange with international start-ups, mainly from South Korea and the USA.

Individual offices and co-working space

The BITO CAMPUS provides everything start-ups need to implement their ideas - including the right premises with the necessary equipment.


All workstations can be provided fully equipped: With height-adjustable desks, high-quality, ergonomic designer office chairs, sideboards and cupboards. W-LAN and Internet via fibre-optic connections are available throughout.
Flipcharts, metaplan boards, mobile Clevertouch Displays (70 inch), a mobile TV (85 inch, 4K UHD), a modern colour laser printer or Barco ClickShare for transferring presentations to the screen are also available.
Our top-equipped common kitchen features a fully automatic Jura coffee maker and a chill-out lounge area for you and your team. Our BITO CAMPUS office & organisation service is either included or can be booked separately.

Overview of our rooms

Offices/co-working space: 20 - 60 m²

For up to 10 persons.

Can also be divided into three offices of approx. 20 m² each.

Those who rent an office will benefit from a reduced rate for the apartments at the BITO CAMPUS.

Small meeting room "Jammu": 20 m²

For up to 6 persons.

With comfortable seating group, conference table and Clevertouch display.

Conference room "Dubai": 50 m²

For up to 20 persons.

With height-adjustable tables, comfortable designer office chairs, state-of-the-art presentation technology

1 month - flexible workplace EUR 99.00
1 month - fixed workplace EUR 199.00
1 week EUR 49.00
1 day EUR 19.00

Our teams


flyingshapes develops a software for spatial design in VR and targets industrial and automotive designers. Their software maps the workflow of designers fully digitally in VR, from the first sketch to the finished CAD design objects. It significantly speeds up the design process and makes it more efficient.

Qbing Industrial Solutions

QIS develops innovative solutions for integrating identification systems into existing or new logistics and production processes. Their work focuses on RFID technology.


The American-Korean startup is developing a VR showroom that will help potential customers collaborate with the manufacturer on all functions, and for example virtually test and view construction equipment in real time. For this purpose, the object is faithfully reproduced as a 3D object, a physics engine ensures that all functions are displayed realistically.


The Entrepreneurial Innovators Group was founded in 2010 by Prof. Taewon Suh (Texas State University, Marketing and International Business) with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice. The group currently consists of more than 200 members in more than 20 countries. One of the teams from Korea will visit the campus in 2018 to develop its VR project.


TEC4MED LifeScience GmbH, the Darmstadt-based medical technology start-up founded in 2017, develops intelligent coolers such as the Nelumbox for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and samples.


When studying sports, René Wegner developed the new sports activity of headball table tennis in 2007 and at the same time created a complex event and marketing concept for this sport. He named his event and marketing concept "HEADIS” - logo and name are protected by trademark law. In summer 2016, the eleventh Headis World Championship took place with participants from twelve nations. BITO is currently the main sponsor.

A+ Composites

A + Composites is a young technology company based in Weselberg, an innovative team of engineers and tinkers who specialize in producing a fiber-reinforced plastic that has special properties: it is light and flexible, but stronger than steel, hence it is interesting for a number of products: Thanks to the material, for example, transport boxes are much more stable and can carry many times their own weight. But even with prosthetics or for the automotive industry, the new material is interesting, for example, for components that are exposed to high pressure and high temperatures.


poolynk has developed an app for cross-company load management. With the particularly user-friendly solution, reusable load carriers, whether pallets or boxes, can be managed as easily as with online banking. The overview of a pallet account in real time - volume, location, damage - is always documented digitally and can be viewed 24 hours from anywhere.

Industry List

Industry List is a web-based B2B manufacturer search platform. With a comprehensive network focused on the German-speaking industry, Industry List has one goal: to provide buyers and developers in the industry with a fast, comprehensive and efficient manufacturer search.


The startup from Austria is focusing on "Internet of Things" in "Industry 4.0": The founders are developing an IoT system for digital inventory monitoring, which enables companies to analyze in real time the exact physically available quantity, condition and storage or transport location of their goods - remotely, regardless of checkpoints or manual processes. Also under development: A fully integrated smart container system that goes far beyond the functionality of Auto-ID and provides smart features for the containers.


[Reccobox] is a retail marketing solution that enables manufacturing and retail brands to communicate customerized marketing content directly to shoppers by using data obtained from sensing and interpreting the individualities and actions of shoppers as well as curating data from relevant repositories and media sources. Based on AI technology, [Reccobox] interacts with in-store shoppers and attempts to both entertain and influence them at their first moment of truth (the moment of purchase). The marketing contents and subsequent interaction produced by [Reccobox] can provide very relevant information and sentiment to influence the shopper’s purchase decision.

Partner & in Residence

Artificial Ecosystems

The goal of this start-up in the GreenTec sector is to use ecology and technology to make life in cities more attractive and to make a positive contribution to CO2 fixation through vertical facade greening.


ZoneRadio is one of the largest German TeamSpeak radios. On average, around 1,000 listeners follow the program and the live shows.

Highland Arms

Highland Arms specializes in sport shooting, hunting and self-defense. Since their foundation, they have been pursuing the goal of offering customers special products - from classics to competitive weapons. Reliability, value retention and precision always take top priority.

NE Systems

develop individual, tailor-made solutions for the computer and event technology.

Advice and help

We are happy to provide you with all the information you need about self-employment, consulting services, coaching, the exchange of ideas with sparring partners from the world of technology and other cooperation opportunities. Get in touch with a very large network! We inform you about possibilities of financial support and support programs, connect you with investors and financiers, business angels and banks - we want to be door openers for your professional future.


The start-up centre is not only the "best place to work and live". Supported by networks, cooperation and sparring partners, the BITO Campus offers business support and advice tailored to your needs to enhance work productivity and quality.

Another plus is the proximity to BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH Meisenheim, one of the largest German companies in the field of intralogistics. Ambitious founders and graduates from the technology sector will appreciate this valuable opportunity for knowledge transfer.

  1. Connections to potential investors
    Numerous links to businesses, especially to SMEs of our region are ideal prerequisites for rapidly accessing interesting companies.
  2. Connections to existing sales channels
    BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH is one of the market leaders in the field of intralogistics. A strategic partnership opens up the possibility of presenting your product to a worldwide customer base and using international distribution channels.

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