Bringing together like minded people

Become a partner

The BITO CAMPUS wants to offer its residents much more than just a place to work. Our aim is to give a comprehensive package of support and advice to business founders and be a valuable sparring partner. This includes not only supporting founders with our own know-how and to the best of our ability. We would like to bring together start-ups with partners in all areas that are relevant for the foundation and lasting success of a company.
Therefore we are also looking for supporters!

What we can offer:

Access to innovative start-ups who are unique and inspirational in their thinking and ideas. In return, "established" companies also benefit from new ideas.

We also offer you the opportunity to become visible in the business environment - as a company and as a person. Recognise the potential and join the exciting task of growing together with the founders!

Do you run a company? Become a partner!

Are you looking for a suitable innovation that fits your company? Then this is the right place for you!

Do you have a research topic that is interesting for your company or are you even planning a spin-off? We offer an innovative environment in which start-ups can grow with strong partners. The BITO CAMPUS provides the ideal environment for a creative exchange in which founders can live and work together.

Our premises are also ideal for conducting workshops.
You can also donate a scholarship.

If you are interested in a particular start-up and would like to support it, we can offer you to jointly accompany the business founder(s) in our start-up centre. Your advantage: The start-ups stay in a creative environment and are professionally supported so that they can concentrate on their core work.

Accelerator programme

It often makes sense to coach start-ups intensively over a certain period of time. This accelerator programme will help founders to advance the development of their newly founded company at a faster pace.

Our program "Startup meets Mittelstand” intends to connect experienced companies with innovative start-ups in joint projects. This also includes, for example, coaching programmes, strategic support and networking.

We can also provide you with sufficient room in order to carry out these programmes. In short, the BITO CAMPUS is an ideal setting for knowledge transfer.

Consultants or service providers

Start-ups need a lot of advice and external support in order to set up their business and continue successfully. However, the range of service providers is very large. The difficult question for the founders is: Who is the best person for your idea?

We want founders to be able to concentrate on implementing their ideas. Therefore, we see it as our task to provide them with partners for all relevant questions.

You could be one of them.

Do you already have a good idea?

Write us what you could do to support the founders at the BITO CAMPUS. We think it is important that you frankly explain at the outset what you expect from a cooperation. For example, do you want to strengthen your presence in the start-up scene or do you want to win start-ups as potential customers? What are your goals and ideas?

You can also rent our seminar rooms at the BITO CAMPUS to hold your own workshops.

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